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BROCHURE:  Holmes Approved Homes Program for Menard Bros.


Hi there!  Thank you for visiting our web site.

Menard Bros & Associates Ltd is a second generation company part of the Menard Group.
Residential construction has been the mainstain of the Menard Group since 1955.
The family is proud of its reputation and the awards that support it.
We invite you to visit our “History and Awards” section for more details.

The formula for the famly’s success has been a healthy mix of the following:
Use of superior materials
An excellent on staff carpentry team
Superior tradepeople
Proper service during and after the project construction
An uncompromising attitude towards quality and workmanship

As a result, we can offer you a construction experience you will proud to share with your friends and family.
The best part of a Menard built home is its performance:  the older it gets, the better it compares with other homes of the same age!
Repeat customers have been an integral part of our sucess.  One particular family has enjoyed living in five new Menard Built homes!

Guy Menard is passionate about design and the custom home process while Paul Menard offers his personal formanship touch.
The industry is getting to be an even more challenging environment to maintain one’s reputation.   To that end, Paul and Guy are proud to serve your personally.


Our specialty: custom and personalized new homes
We acutally enjoy the custom design process !
That’s why it’s an in house service.
Visit us today!

co-owners Paul Menard
and Guy Menard (sitting)



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