Adding an attached or detached garage to your existing home can be a great investment.The attached garage typically adds to the width of a home and the resulting perception is obvious.The detached garage can also add valuable vehicle storage and other needed storage to any residence.Attached garages tend to add more value to existing homes – compared to adding a carport.The finished product can be as simple as exposed studs (on the inside of the garage) and can be a completely finished room featuring painted drywall and trim.  Some garages are so well appointed, we jokingly call them “in-law suites without the finish flooring”.  The choice is yours!Menard Bros. has build numerous garages to many satisfied customers.Detached Garage 03 Detached Garage 02 Detached Garage 01

Garage 01 - before and after

Additing a carport to your existing home can give you that added protection from the elements.During the winter months, the advantages are obvious:  shelter the vehicles and home access from ice and snow.During the summer months, the resulting shaded area is a great spot enjoy to the outdoors without the direct sunlight.It’s also a great spot to spend a rainy day!Building an attached garage should also be carefully considered because of it’s advantages (see garage section).Menard has built numerous carports for many satisfied customers.Carport 02 - before and after Carport 01 - before and after


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