One Stop Shopping !

One Stop Shopping…  we can look after  the entire project and then some!

  • BUILDING LOT We have our subdivisions where you can choose a building lot in a controlled environment or… We can build on your existing building lot or… We can assist you in choosing a building lot from other land developers Generally, half of our projects are on Owners’ building lot
  • PRELIMINARY ACCURATE BUDGET PRICING  We have developed an exclusive budget pricing system to give you an accurate prediction for the cost of your project based on the type of project, areas concerned, specific features and requested upgrades. This can save you countless hours of choosing and developing  the appropriate design – to remain on budget!
  • FINAL PRICING We have developed our own estimating system that delivers accuracy and precision. This allows us to give complete proposal at the very best price without have to compensate for guesswork.
  • IN-HOUSE (CAD) DESIGNS A) preliminary conceptual designs: from which we can “ballpark” the budget price range B) estimating drawings: to give you an exact price for your project C) construction drawings: with all of the necessary details to make your dream a reality!
    The resulting plans keep in mind construction cost efficiencies while keeping a unique personalized design! Actually, the design process in Guy Menard’s favorite step in the process since he has a passion for residential architecture and will always be an avid student of this ever changing field.
  • CAD DRAFTING SERVICES – WITHOUT CONSTRUCTION SERVICES We can be hired to prepare drawings for construction projects outside the Province of Ontario:  We have designed homes built in the Provinces of Quebec and Price Edward Island.  We can also design for Akwesasne projects.
  • CUSTOM HOME CONSTRUCTION Our specialty!  We have a passion for designing and building unique custom homes! Bring us your thoughts, your dreams and ideas and allow us to make them a reality.
  • NEW HOMES FOR SALE We generally have a few new homes for sale – for those who choose to  make a quicker purchase  or for those who must “see” the actual home prior to purchasing one.
  • SELECTION SERVICES Selecting colours, finishes and features is generally considered the most challenging part in building a new home. We have systematically broken down this task in shorter sessions to make the experience pleasing or even fun! Being organized makes all the difference!
  • AFTER SALES SERVICE We are proud to after our customers after they have taken possession of their new Menard home. Because of the additional precautions built into every new Menard home, we have fewer service requests than the norm.  When you do need some assistance, we’ll be there to show our appreciation for choosing us as your builder.
  • RESIDENTIAL RENOVATION – REMODELLING SERVICES These offerings require very similar set skills to the custom home building!  As a result, when you want to modify your existing home as opposed to building a new one, we can ensure a great experience.
  • RESIDENTIAL ADDITIONS, SUNROOMS AND SCREENED-IN PORCHES Our renovation specialty – complex renovations such as these – are important to our array of offerings.   Room additions can be customized to create a sunroom or screened-in porch.   Garages or carports can also be added to your existing home and enhance its value.
  • LIGHT COMMERCIAL RENOVATION – REMODELLING SERVICES Although residential services are our primary focus, light commercial services are also offered for those seeking a contractor known for attention to detail and good solid value

      Now you know why we are considered a       “Full Service Builder”!


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