F.A.Q – Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost to build a house per square foot?
Its pretty silly asking a car salesperson how much per pound they are selling their cars. Pricing new housing per square foot is almost as useless. The actual cost of home building depends on the style and size and the features of the house in question. This is why we have developed our “preliminary ball parking program”. Within minutes, we can input style, sizes and features to predict the probable price range – for your new home – with surprising accuracy. It’s a great way to get an initial budget price. A full detailed estimate is done to determine the final price.

How long does it take Menard Bros to build a new house?
Most homes in the immediate Cornwall area take us 4-6 months to build, depending on the size and type of house. The number of non-standard features and the time of year- we start building – also impacts the duration of the project. Out of town projects could take longer depending on it’s exact location. Proper construction can only be rushed to a certain point! When you build beyond code, it’s going to take longer to do the job right! Actually, our record is 10 weeks for a small simple city new home project.

Do you only build in your Menard subdivisions?
We build many homes on land owned by home buyers or other land developers. We also build outside the Cornwall area, usually within a 45 minute drive. Actually, close to half of our projects are on building lots we don’t own.

Can we reserve a lot in a Menard subdivision or buy the lot outright?
We only offer package deals involving both lot and house – in our subdivisions. We don’t sell building lots alone – with the exception of our Jase Street offerings. However, we can “earmark” a building lot for a “serious potential customer”. This gives you first dibs on the lot. If anybody wants to build on that same lot immediately, we would contact you to check if you can also go ahead pronto. We’ve found that this system works very well for both customer and builder.

Does Menard Bros build partial projects where the owner can do some of the work?
The short answer is yes: we are very flexible. In our subdivisions, we insist on doing any component visible from the outside – foundation, framing, windows and exterior doors, brick and siding, lot grading, etc. The purchaser can then do all or some of the interior work. In this way, we don’t run the risk of ending up with a house in our subdivision lacking exterior finishes, for long periods of time. We are much more flexible if the project is not on a building lot that we don’t own. Please note that any essential component of the “drive-train” of the house – done by the purchaser – will void the Tarion (Ontario New Home) Warranty.


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