Raised Bungalow

Raised Bungalow
(also known as raised ranch or split entry)

We can build your dream home anywhere!

This is only one example of the many raised bungalow homes we can build

Advantages of Raised Bungalows:
basement windows are above grade – not requiring window wells
* brighter basement = more usable bright living area
* more economical to develop lower level area than expanding main floor area
* most economical way to get total living area – by using the lower level
* better accessibility than single storey homes
* better local market demand than two storeys – since many Baby Boomers are minimizing stairs

 Disadvantages of Raised Bungalows:
* more stairs – compared to single storey homes – between main entrance and main floor area
* noisier sleeping quarters since they are on the level as the living quarters

custom RB U

These are a just a few examples of the endless design options available…including a new  unique design that we can develop together… for your new home! 

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